#NeverTrump campaign targets Republicans repulsed by The Donald

By Thom Fain/Briefing

It’s hard to understand the Donald J. Trump phenomenon, this Frankenstein-like monster who so many moderates and conservatives feel appalled and threatened by. While a large number of people have been voting for “change” in Washington — and a Trump reign in the White House certainly has that promise — a quieter majority of folks across America believe that his damage to the Republican Party could turn out to be irreparable.


That Republican Party leadership failed to find a true alternative until so late in the 2016 race surprised many. Jeb “the Joyful Tortoise” Bush offered up an upbeat tone that an angry country didn’t want to hear, you’re  hard-pressed to find a Ted Cruz fan anywhere that says he’s actually “likable” and Marco Rubio might have an impact arriving too-little, too-late.

But that hasn’t stopped a multitude of right-leaning social media users from sounding off in collective rejection against Trump using a new hashtag campaign:

Ben Sasse, the U.S. senator from Nebraska, penned an open letter over the weekend describing the thinking behind #NeverTrump:

“I’m a movement conservative who was elected over the objections of the GOP establishment. My current answer for who I would support in a hypothetical matchup between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton is: Neither of them. I sincerely hope we select one of the other GOP candidates, but if Donald Trump ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option.”

There’s no telling what Trump would do if he won the nomination, and went on to occupy the White House. The Man from Massachusetts would almost certainly break the brinksmanship in Washington and cause conservatives and liberals to join in an axis with moderates to toss out the thick-skinned billionaire, but by then it might be too late: America as a brand, worldwide, could be nearly ruined with the value of the dollar having fallen so far into the gutter that our only hope would be a strange rescue from unlikely sources not yet foreseen.


Conservatives unhappy with Rubio and Cruz are already looking for an Independent candidate to challenge Mr. Trump in the general election. But would that not just guarantee Hillary Clinton and the Democrats a victory? According to a CNN/ORC Poll released today, Trump leads all other candidates nationally with 49% support. And the “base” he has so expertly appealed to, is very passionate and excited to hit the polls when their state’s date comes around.

So what would a #NeverTrump uprising look like? Michael Bloomberg could be its champion, but we’ll have to wait until after Super Tuesday to find out.

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