If you are of working age, then you are very familiar with money. From your first day on the job, most people will advise that the best thing you can do is to save your money. Saving your money is important because it will help you reach your financial goals and provide a safety net in the event of an emergency. Whether youíre just starting out in the workforce or retirement is near, these podcasts can help you reach your personal financial goals.

Listen, Money Matters: Former investment banker Andrew Feibert started his Listen, Money Matters podcasts to help people learn about personal finance. The podcast focuses on budgeting, investing, paying off debt and income growth and is designed for those who no nothing about personal finance to seasoned investors. Some topics include life insurance, creating a profitable business and budgeting for a lifestyle change. Find it: https://www.listenmoneymatters.com/show/.

Planet Money: The National Public Radioís Planet Money podcast focuses on breaking down the financial world in a way thatís easy for anyone to understand. Using stories from all over the financial landscape, Planet Money weaves in lessons and takeaways on economics and financial concepts. Some topics include DIY finance, tipping and insider trading. Find it: http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510289/planet-money.

Stacking Benjamins: Former financial planner and radio host, Joe Saul-Sehy hosts the Stacking Benjamins podcast and focuses on interviewing guests about financial advice and how they have managed to get out of large amounts of debt or have had success attaining financial security. Find it: https://www.stackingbenjamins.com/.

You Need A Budget: Based off of the You Need A Budget app, the podcast of the same name focuses on helping people creating a budget in short doses. Experts are interviewed on topics such as student loan debt, saving for a rainy day and living on last monthís income. The podcast can help you through the practical aspects of setting and following a budget. Find it: http://youneedabudget.libsyn.com/.