Hillary Clinton leads by 13 pts on eve of Michigan primary

By Thom Fain/Breifing

Some people are calling it a “must-win” for Sen. Bernie Sanders, who trails former First Lady/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 42-55 in a new poll released the day before Michigan voters are set to send up the majority of 148 delegates to the winner of its primary.

Delegates will be split proportionally, assuming both candidates net 15% of the vote.

According to the  Monmouth University Poll:
One-in-ten voters (11%) say they have already cast their ballots in the Democratic primary and another 49% say they have completely decided on their candidate choice. Clinton voters (65%) are slightly more likely than Sanders supporters (58%) to say their choice is locked in, with Clinton voters being twice as likely to have already mailed in their ballots. Another 25% of Democrats have a strong preference but are still open to considering other candidates and 8% have only a slight preference while 6% say they are still really undecided. 

During last night’s Flint, Michigan debate the two candidates sparred over issues ranging from gun violence to Wall Street bailouts, and each highlighted their efforts to assist minority voters in their plight for equal opportunity and civil rights. The ongoing water crisis in the city ignited both candidates in an effort to get Gov. Rick Snyder to step down, after the Michigan state government falsely claimed the lead-laden water was safe for consumption in light of research that suggested otherwise.

In the once-rich city of Detroit, which is heavily African-American, auto manufacturing jobs were routinely cut out in favor of robotics and overseas workers. The TARP bailout alleviated some of the paints felt during the Great Recession, legislation that Clinton voted for and Sanders against.

Sanders has called it a Wall Street bailout.

The two candidates share the same stance on a wide range of issues, but Sanders hopes to capitalize on his outsider status and refusal to take donations from Wall Street or Super PAC’s in an age of anti-establishment anger held by many people all across America.

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