As #BestPartOfThe90s began trending on Twitter throughout Friday, remembrances of Nickelodeon and "Saved By the Bell"and Celine Dion were received warmly, but it was bound to happen -- the era's politics of the Clintons has inspired a bit of Election 2016 crossfire, with lovers and haters of Donald Trump chiming in as they see fit. For those outside the ivy walls of academia, this is apparently what passes for political discourse in the 21st century: In an unfortunate turn of events an anonymous source explains that, in spite of the deluge of '90s nostalgia, neither major candidate will volunteer to get "slimed" on live television today. And when you're ready to re-enter 2016, take a look at our feature from Friday explaining how Donald Trump is using Bernie's words to combat Clinton. Carry on. * * * Briefing is powered by GateHouse Media’s Center for News & Design. Visit our website at, or follow us on Twitter at @briefing_2016 and on Facebook at