5 reasons Sanders rode 'disastrous' trade deals to Michigan victory

By Thom Fain/Briefing

Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled off the unthinkable on Tuesday night in what the polling wizards of Washington are calling the greatest upset victory in presidential primaries since Gary Hart’s “Rudy” moment back in 1984.

That came when the little guy beat 17-point underdog odds to win a New Hampshire race. Last night Bernie overcame 21-point odds.

Although Hart carried more states than Walter Mondale, his campaign was still doomed — then in the following election cycle, Hart famously proclaimed: “I don’t have to answer that,” before the flash bulbs of some young reporters who, eventually, undid his reputation by discovering a sex scandal. That was before Bill Clinton made sex scandals cool five years later.


But the vinyl-record charm and #FeelTheBern leader, and his legions of progressive fans, will be happy to know though that the comparisons to Hart end with that N.H. victory. “What the American people are saying is they are tired of a corrupt campaign finance system and super PACs funded by Wall Street and the billionaire class,” Sanders said after Tuesday night’s moral victory.

This victory will boost morale for Sanders supporters nationwide, but the delegate math still favors Clinton and makes her nomination still an almost-certainty. CNN puts her at 90%, so Sanders will have to have a few more come-from-behind victories if he’s going to topple the dynastic former Secretary of State.  Sanders won 65 delegates to Clinton’s 58 in Michigan, but she took home 87 to Sanders’ 69 after she clobbered Sanders in Mississippi.

And yet, his appeal to voters based on the Clinton family’s NAFTA agreement clearly resonated with voters sick and tired of establishment politics and a recession recovery that still seems to have left many behind in the 20th century.

Here are 5 reasons the wild-haired senator from Vermont was able to pull off the upset victory in light of ‘disastrous’ trade pacts:

1. Infrastructure is collapsing

2. Free Trade is a disaster. Did you hear that? Disaster.

3. Raise the wage!

4. What black-voter problem?

5. Mad respect for The Hustle

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